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Name Dropping


Life is about who you know, right? People get special treatment, special privileges and even specific jobs because they know people who work there or operate in circles that are higher in the totem pole. Sometimes even becoming enemies with the wrong people can put you in a bad place in certain circles. This is why some people in society will find themselves name dropping. They’ll let certain names of people come into their mouths so that they can gain access to places that they would never have access to before.

What saddens me is that I see people in the church doing this. If they find out that you’re someone special in a certain circle or spot in life they’ll mention your name just so they can get access. Even in jobs, people will try to pretend as though they know someone who you know just so they can get close to you because they feel as though you have something they can use. I can’t help but to laugh at all these things when I see this, especially in Christians because we don’t realize that we have the most important name of all that should always be on our tongues: Jesus.

“Therefore, God elevated him to the place of highest honor and gave him the name above all other names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

Philippians 2:9-11(NLT)


You call on your momma’s name, your dad’s name, your cousin, your brother, saying I know so-and-so and they’re big here, so people need to fall in line. And maybe people do fall in line when you mention other people’s names and the power rush you get from doing so does something big for you, but what is it really getting you? What good are these earthly names you’re calling on when the name of God can get you access to every area of life you need access to? You call on everyone you know in the book but God!

“A group of Jews was traveling from town to town casting out evil spirits. They tried to use the name of the Lord Jesus in their incantation, saying, “I command you in the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches, to come out!” Seven sons of Sceva, a leading priest, were doing this. But one time when they tried it, the evil spirit replied, “I know Jesus, and I know Paul, but who are you?” Then the man with the evil spirit leaped on them, overpowered them, and attacked them with such violence that they fled from the house, naked and battered.”

Acts 19:13-16(NLT)

Do the demons in Hell even know your name? Do they tremble when you enter the room? Or do they know every other Christian in the room, except you? When will you stop depending on other’s names and start depending on the right One’s name! The only one who can reward you in the way that you need is God! God will make your name great in the heavens and in hell, no one else can do that, but Him. God is the one that can give you the divine hook up into wherever it is you need entry into because He knows EVERYONE! He created everyone! This is not to say that we should just use God as a means to get access to things we want, but to speak honestly just knowing Him can cause blessings to occur in your life.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”

Matthew 6:33(NLT)

God is the one that opens and closes doors, not you, not your momma, not your dad, not your brother, not your cousin, and not anyone else. God shuts and closes whatever He pleases. He permits doors to be closed or open as He is a King over everything. Stop depending on everyone else’s prayers to save you or everyone else’s accomplishments and achievements to help you and start knowing God for yourself. It’s amazing to witness His power work in your life especially when you know it was your personal prayers that got through. Let Him work in your life—He will do wonders with and in you.

God bless.


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