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Help God, I’m Stuck!


–>Feeling Stagnant?<–

So, you’re at this spot and seem to be staying at this spot. Everyone around you seems to be moving forward, but not you. You are still in the same pit that you’ve been in for years and years. You look at everyone else who seem to be effortlessly moving on in their life and start to wonder: What’s wrong with me? God, why can’t I seem to get up when it’s so easy for everyone else? Doors seem to be closing on me left and right and everyone I thought were close to me are nowhere to be found. It seems like every time I get up; I’m knocked back down to the ground again. I’m bruised and sore from all the times I tried to step forward in what I thought you’ve called me to do. God, where is this going? I’ve been praying for years! I’m stuck and I can’t seem to get out of this pit!

As someone who has been and seen dark places in my life, I can definitely relate to how difficult and tough it is to be stuck in the same spot and see everyone shoot right past you. I used to suffer from depression that became very severe after a betrayal from a close family member. The only thing that pulled me out of that depression was God. The only thing that can pull you out of your pit and open doors for you is God.  I know I say similar things like this in previous messages, but it’s true. The only reason why I preach or encourage is to point you back to God because He is the only One who can clarify your situation.

Some of you might be in disobedience to God and as soon as you ask God to close the door that you left open for Satan, you’ll start seeing change. Some of you are facing injustice that is being caused by other people and or Satanic forces; this is a situational pit that through prayer and perseverance to find a way out God can see you out of.  Do not stay in this pit if you can. Some of you are being tested and developed for ministry or positions of leadership in the ‘secular’ world. I want to talk about the last pit though.  This pit is the place where God searches for those He feels are worthy for special use. And if you’re the person that tries to jump out of your test or trial on the regular, He’ll see that you don’t take His call seriously.

 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15(KJV)

Studying is when a person sits in a spot for an extended period of time to learn grow and develop so that they can pass a test that is given. Some of you are not staying positioned in the study hall God told you to be in, long enough to become approved by Him. You are trying to peek into other people’s study halls and learn what they are studying when you were never meant to do those things! The only thing that will do is delay you from getting out of your own study hall—your own pit. Or what’s worse is some of you are pushing back the date that you take the test. I hear some people  say things like: “Well, God won’t mind if I take this test later…”, and while God can bring tests back to you over and over again, you need to realize: We’re on God’s schedule not ours.  God gathers certain types of people with specific problems to be in one place just so you can go through a test. Can you imagine the time it takes to do this? So, why would we let God waste His time by just jumping out of that job, school, or ministry just because we cannot deal with it?

 So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you! Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.

Hebrews 10:35-36(NLT)

Look, you need to put the work in now! You need faith that is able to endure anything so that when you get in the spotlight or in a position where all eyes will be on you, you will not fall and be put to shame!  God needs you to learn in this season He has you in now, so that when you do finally move out of this position that you’re ‘stuck’ in you can succeed at what God has called you to do. Can you speak to your situation to get better? Yes, and maybe that’s the test for some of you, but I know one thing: you cannot speak against what God has spoken to happen! Realize that sometimes God puts different obstacles in your way to help you to learn how to pray a certain way or deal with a certain type of personality, so that when you get what He has promised you, you will not feel overwhelmed to the point of wanting to quit or abandon it early on!

Some of you know what God has called you to do, you see the tests, and you run away from them. Stop being like Jonah and running! You need to learn how to deal with these spirits and personalities while you’re in private, hidden, and not that well known because if you don’t put the work in now, when you do get the opportunity to be used mightily by God you will stumble while in the spotlight. Let me tell you, people are not too forgiving when you stumble in the spotlight and if you can’t deal with one person saying rude things to you at work, church, school or wherever, there is no way you’ll be able to come back from thousands of people criticizing you when you fall. No, you will cower and back away in shame, if you don’t put the work in now! If you cannot sustain your inheritance, your purpose, your calling that God gave you because you’re demanding that God give it to you hastily, like the prodigal son, you too will blow right through it(your inheritance) and end up in ruin. You need the ability to sustain what blessing, kingdom, leadership role, business, or ministry God gives you and this is the purpose of the pit, to prepare you to sustain your purpose and calling.

So, do not be ashamed of your pit. Do not wallow in despair. Allow God to prune you where He’s planted you and before your know it, you will grow, and will hardly remember being underground, in the dark pit where you started.

Note: God spoke this message to me at the very beginning of this year(2017). He spoke that there would be many people in the body of Christ that would be elevated and promoted to high positions during this season. Some of them are going to be well prepared and have endured testing and trial to get where they are now, but some, He informed me, slacked off during the training grounds. If you’re still in the pit now, put the work in! If you are already in your promotion and struggling to hold it up, ask God for His grace in the situation. If you already lost that promotion, pray that God helps you to endure the valley/pit/training season so you won’t mess up next time.


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