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Kiss the girl


->Pursuing the Blessings God has for you<-

Graceful, poised, a bit sassy, and always sharply dressed. When she looks up at you and smiles, the whole earth seems to stand still. You want this girl. You feel like you need to have her, but every time you’ve tried to approach a girl you’ve wanted in the past it seems to have failed. This one is not only the prettiest, but also one of the smartest women you’ve known. She’s well out of your league, there’s no way she would give you the time of day, but the Holy Spirit has prompted you within your heart to pursue her. You gulp a bit nervous about what to do in this situation. What to do, what to do? Click the play button on the video bellow and let’s let pastor and worship leader Sebastian minister to us on how we all need to learn how to Kiss the Girl as you read along to my encouragement. And yes, ladies if you know a guy who has this problem feel free to forward this to him. (Disney ministry spring forth!)

Now before we start, I want to state that I don’t mean for you to randomly go up to the woman you like and kiss her, she might file a lawsuit, but stick with me for a few paragraphs. I’m an engineer student and also work with engineers at my job, and I’m constantly surrounded by a plethora of men on the daily. One thing I’ve encountered is young men who seem to be too afraid to approach not only a woman, but even to approach the goals they want to have in life. I find myself often having to encourage my fellow classmates every now and again to pursue those good desires that are in their heart. Now, I know some men will flat out deny any fear that they have within their hearts, because no woman can ‘scare’ you, but if you are not willing to approach a woman just because she’s out of your league, too beautiful, too smart, or whatever excuse you want to slap on it, that’s fear. Straight up fear. Don’t worry though, because there were people in the Bible who were too afraid to pursue all that God had for them. The set up for the scripture I’m about to post bellow is that the Israelites were finally freed from 400+ years of slavery in Egypt by Moses, they had been wandering in the wilderness for quite some time, and finally they had reached the outskirts of the land that God has promised to them. Let’s read:

“’Do you intend to stay here while your brothers go across and do all the fighting?” Moses asked the men of Gad and Reuben.  “Why do you want to discourage the rest of the people of Israel from going across to the land the LORD has given them?  Your ancestors did the same thing when I sent them from Kadesh-barnea to explore the land.  After they went up to the valley of Eshcol and explored the land, they discouraged the people of Israel from entering the land the LORD was giving them.  Then the LORD was very angry with them, and he vowed,  ‘Of all those I rescued from Egypt, no one who is twenty years old or older will ever see the land I swore to give to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for they have not obeyed me wholeheartedly.  The only exceptions are Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite and Joshua son of Nun, for they have wholeheartedly followed the LORD.’

“The LORD was angry with Israel and made them wander in the wilderness for forty years until the entire generation that sinned in the LORD’s sight had died”

Numbers 32:6-13(NLT)

So, what is your promise land? What is it that God has promised to you, but you’re too afraid by the things you see that you back out of taking it? Know that God, just like in the case of the Israelites, knew what obstacles you would face in trying to pursue that thing. He knew you would face doubt, fear, and worry. He knew that there might be other men that were in that girl’s corner that you would have to fend off. And He knew all the strongholds in this woman’s heart that would need to be tore down before she would even consider allowing any guy to pursue her seriously. God knows all the obstacles that are around and in the promise land, that woman, that job, that business, or that ministry that He told you to pursue. He knows what He promised you, so know that He will equip you to go through everything necessary to obtain that thing. Do not be like the Israelites and end up wandering in the wilderness for 40 years because you are too scared to pursue what God has for you!

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

Matthew 10:28(NIV)

Young or older man of God, know that you are meant to conquer and acquire things in God’s name for the kingdom of God, whether it is a woman, a job, or a business. If God has spoken to you in some way that you are to have these things, He definitely wants you to have them and use them to advance His kingdom. Yes, some concepts of Christianity, such as loving your enemies, can seem passive, but God has called men, especially, to conquer, lead, and direct things to grow the Kingdom of God. A kingdom cannot expand, if the King, God, doesn’t send His soldiers out there to conquer land that is owned by His enemies! You are a warrior for Christ! He has given you His Spirit of power and boldness to pursue all that He has for you, even that woman that you’re afraid to approach. And even if things don’t end up working out perfectly, know that those experience points that you’ve gained from your past lost battles will help develop you to pursue greater.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

2 Timothy 1:7(NLT)

All in all this blog post is not just for the men, but for people out there who are failing to pursue the blessings that God has spoken them to have. Some of you guys are just waiting and hoping God will just make these things magically fall into your lap or you’re waiting for a sign from God to pursue those dreams and vision He has placed in your heart years ago. Well, here’s your sign! It’s time to start pursuing those blessings God has for you. Don’t let fear, doubt, or worry cripple you and stop you from obtaining that woman or blessing God has placed before you and know that, like the Israelites, sometimes you have to battle for that thing, that promise land, that God told you He would give you. Be bold and courageous as you move forward, knowing that God is with you in all the things you pursue that He has spoken to you to have. Pursue her, pursue the things God has for you! She’s waiting on you. Kiss the Girl, but not really. (You know what I mean)

Laugh! Be blessed! Be encouraged!


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