I’m SO Anointed…


I’m so anointed, that when I was only four years old, I was called to preach before my congregation.

I’m so anointed that at the age of 16, I started my 1st church.

I’m so anointed that in my 20’s I opened my first Mega church.

I’m so anointed that at the age 32 I cheated on my wife over 12 times and hadn’t got caught yet.

I’m so anointed that I abandoned my old family for another woman and even though I refused to pay child support, my whole congregation and the outward community sided with me instead of them.

I’m so anointed that my amour bearers sneak women into my room and never tell anyone about these dealings.

I’m so anointed that I could command almost every single woman in my congregation to sleep with me and she would.

I’m so anointed that I’ve faked miracles so that I could steal money from poor and sick people who actually want to be healed.

I’m so anointed that I require a seed offering just so you can get a chance of seeing God move in your life on my behalf.

I’m so anointed that the sun rises and sets just for me.

I’m so anointed that I don’t follow the Law it follows me.

I am SOOOO anointed that I don’t answer to anyone not even God!

I’m so anointed that I’m not anointed at all because I don’t follow God’s word,

I don’t use the gifts and talents He has given me to actually spread the gospel and advance His kingdom,

I use my ‘anointing’ for my own selfish desires instead of going out and helping others see the truth,

And I’m foolish enough to think that there are no consequences for my sins.

I’m so foolish, I don’t realize that God sees everything.

I’m so foolish, that I don’t realize that everyone will have to give account of even careless words they have spoken on the day of judgement.

I’m so foolish, I don’t realize that God avenges those I have caused suffering by sinning against them.

I’m so foolish, I’m the person that sins and gets away with it and keeps on sinning, declaring, “There is no God!”.

Well, I’m SO not anointed that I’m just a fool; why, then, are people still following me?


Written by Adrianna on 7.6.16

Will be posting slightly different writings(some will be creative/fictional) every now and again. Hope you all enjoy.



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