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Christianese 101: What is the Unforgivable sin?


A while ago, I told someone that I would briefly address the unforgivable sin, which is blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

Due to jealousy and anger the Pharisees, religious leaders who claimed to follow God, accused the Spirit that Jesus operated in as a demon. Accusing ANYONE who is obviously operating under the power of God as demon possessed or working with the devil would mean you committed this sin ESPECIALLY if it was done to defame and tear down the works that God is doing through them.

A lot of Christians don’t realize the Pharisees knew the Word of God and claimed to follow God, but were hypocrites–meaning they did NOT produce fruit in their life and did the OPPOSITE of what the Word taught intentionally.

The point of Jesus’s response to the Pharisees really was a true showcase of how a person becomes a ‘reprobate’. A reprobate is someone who keeps sinning so much to the point where their heart is hardened permanently against God. The pharisees hearts were hardened with each miracle Jesus did.

Point is, don’t accuse people who claim to be Christian and are being used by God as working under a demonic authority. Do not be tempted to intentionally speak against the Holy Spirit and definitely NEVER intentionally work against what God is doing in someone’s life, unless you just want God’s hand to be against you.

See Mark 3:28-30; Romans 1:18; 2 Tim. 3:8

Hope this helps

-Adrianna of Missionary Gamer


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